This putter was made for Thomas Bjorn several years ago. It is a hand bent plumbers neck that made by hand. The entire head was milled on a Millport knee mill and the hosel was made by hand, as well. The middle step on the flange had to be built up with weld and then planed off. You can see some of the uneven facets on the top of the middle step. This putter is very rare and very valuable, even if it was not made for this player.

****This putter will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.****
  • Loft - 5*
  • Lie - 74*
  • Length - 35"
  • Grip - T.P. Mills Velvet Special by Golf Pride
  • Head Cover - Red nylon T.P. Mills by AM&E
  • Offset - Full shaft
  • Head Weight - 340g
  • Toe Hang - 4 o'clock